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Michèle Laliberté is a creative and passionate Production designer and Art director with over 25 years of experience in the film industry. Her background as both a graduate of the National Theater School of Canada in scenography and University of Montreal in Architecture naturally lead her to the movie industry’s Art department. Over the years, she has come to work with some of the best directors and production designers, cultivating her curiosity, her love for research, team work, and set construction. Using all tools available to her to tell a character’s story through their surroundings always combining her sensitivity to details with her deep experience in crew management and problem solving, she is a strong ally when it comes to Production Design and Art direction. Her resume ranges from dramas to superhero movies, horror to period drama films, dealing with high and low budgets with the same energy and enthousiasm. Based in Montreal, available to explore other locales, she is a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada and has been a member of the Academy of motion pictures Arts and Sciences since 2019.


— Michele!! We can't thank you enough for everything. This has been such an incredible journey and you and your team endlessly exceed our wildest hopes. Just one example, the entire end of the movie became what it is because you had the incredible idea to film in a theater. We'll be forever grateful.

Tyler Gillet & Matt Bettilini-Olpin, Directors, Scream VI


— The work you and your team did at the Therapist Office is stunning. Thru your design, you’ve added such richness and depth to his character. The entire scene will be elevated.(…) Amazing. Brava!

Ron Lynch, Producer, Scream VI


— Michele’s enthousiasm for film and the work we do is contagious! She is a strong, creative leader who really cares about every aspect of the project. Michele has a great eye and a great understanding of the visual story telling that we do. Michele's calm, organized manner flawlessly guided our whirlwind production through from beginning to end.

John Myhre, production designer, X-Men Days of Future Past


— As Supervising Art director on Smurfs 2 in Montreal, (...) She became an ally for me in every possible way both politically and creatively (...) Michele has a well rounded way about her, always calm and positive and the ability to problem solve and communicate clearly with ease makes her a powerful asset to any production.

Bill Boes, production designer, Smurfs 2 (2012)


— Michele is not just a good manager who leads by example and demands high standards from her crew but contributes creatively with great ideas and solutions to all manner of things. The production was lucky to have her on board as her experience with the franchise was indispensable both for the production and myself.

Grant Major, production designer, XMen Apocalypse (2015)